Book Of Dragons 2011


This is one of two shorts recently released that are based on the “How to Train Your Dragon” characters. Of the two, “Book of Dragons” is by far my least favorite–mostly because it isn’t all that much fun.

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Blackthorn 2011


An aging Butch Cassidy (Sam Shepard), now calling himself Blackthorn and living a quiet life in 1920s Bolivia, learns that Etta Place has died in San Francisco, living her young son behind, to whom Butch has long been writing in the guise of

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Beastly 2011


I was so excited to see this movie after hearing about it. I loved the book and was extremely excited for the movie. That

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Absentia 2011


If you come to this expecting something along the lines of Saw then you will be disappointed. It is a fairly slow moving, character driven, existential horror. That said, there are a good number of scares and tense, edge of your seat scenes.
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A Better Life 2011


Film Critic from BW Times. I was able to catch an advance screening of this film the other night and what a pleasure it was to

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Abduction 2011


To Lautner’s credit, the action also looks good because he performs most, if not all, of the stunts by himself- whether

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2012 Ice Age 2011


Alright so the movie is awful, Lets make a list of Awful things.
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50/50 2011


This film doesn’t have a title nailed down yet. It used to be called I’m with Cancer but IMDb has it listed as Live With It. The title we were shown in the film and the title that was on the invite was Get Well Soon. They asked us our opinion of the titles (Also include was the title Bright Side) but no one really liked any of the titles. So for the sake of confusion I’ll call it Get Well Soon.

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Whats Your Number 2011


My girlfriend got invited to a screening of this movie and though I tried to wiggle my way out of it, I was trapped into going. Walking into the theater with the worst possible predisposition, I have to admit I left smiling.
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Trespass 2011


I watched this the other day with mixed expectations due to reading the other reviews on here.
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