Fast Five (2011)


Not many sequels stand up to their first installments, however, after four semi-entertaining sexy action thrillers struggling to create a worthwhile plot, “Fast Five” does more than equivocating its predecessors. The film’s over the top ridiculous scope leaves very little room for slow boring moments. Instead it is full of pointless action scenes including a five-minute foreseeable faceoff between Diesel and Johnson. The battle of the brawny is accompanied by the battle of the sexy between Jordana Brewster and newcomer Elsa Patakay (local Rio cop Elema Neves). And yes there are ego driven car races.

The same reasons that make “Fast Five” better than its predecessors make the film the true mess that it is. A completely flawed grandiose plot combined with ridiculously bad acting and Tyrese Gibson’s cliché one-liners and Johnson’s childish clever phrases such as “Now give me the veggies” make the script seem like something a 13 year old thought up while playing Need For Speed with his friends. However, by disregarding plot development and clever writing, “Fast Five” has broken through the bonds that have always been holding the series back.

In the end, nothing stands in the films way as the writers completely shirk their job letting the cast loose through a labyrinth of explosive fun. All that matters is that “Fast Five” is the epitome of a Hollywood moneymaker. It is entertainment.

Bottom Line, okay people, here is your first action movie worth seeing this year. No, i am not one of those people who hold these ‘Fast and Furious’ films on a high pedestal. Not since the first one have i given anything over a decent review. But i can say with confidence that this one is actually worth your hard earned dollar. Sure it’s slightly cheesy, packed with

Fast Five 2011

Fast Five 2011

impossible action, and sure it steals some plot outlines from other films, but i like i said earlier, it’s still fun to watch. So with that being said, the question remains… this the best one in the series? I still say no, but this movie comes damn close. Closer that any of the other ones, thats for damn sure. On a time line, this should have followed up the original.



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    i like this movie

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    i like this movie

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    i love this movie….<3

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    i love thos movie

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