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Beastly 2011


I was so excited to see this movie after hearing about it. I loved the book and was extremely excited for the movie. That

A Better Life 2011


Film Critic from BW Times. I was able to catch an advance screening of this film the other night and what a pleasure it was to

Abduction 2011


To Lautner’s credit, the action also looks good because he performs most, if not all, of the stunts by himself- whether

50/50 2011


This film doesn’t have a title nailed down yet. It used to be called I’m with Cancer but IMDb has it listed as Live With It. The title we were shown in the film and the title that was on the invite was Get Well Soon. They asked us our opinion of the titles (Also [...]

Trespass 2011


I watched this the other day with mixed expectations due to reading the other reviews on here.

The Help 2011


I just returned from seeing a special preview of “The Help,” which is due out in theaters this summer.¬†Okay, so here’s the truth: I’m a middle-aged, white male… I didn’t read the book and I assumed, based on the fact that this is a virtually an all-female cast, that this was some sort of chick [...]

Red Tails 2012


The Tuskegee Airmen deserved better than this tripe! Their story is a marvelous one but Lucas has ham fisted it into a caricature. I am extremely disappointed by this film. I hope someday Hollywood will finally realize that truth is often…… more entertaining than fiction, particularly when it comes to aviation and history.

Bunraku 2010


Its like a hint of sin city and clockwork orange and done very tastefully with believable characters. Bunraku comes from a

Loverboy 2011


I liked it very much. Directed and edited in a style much different from the one offered by Hollywood movies, deals

The Future 2011


I went into this film with low expectations because it seemed as though it would be just another film full of contrived quirks and gratuitous plot twists meant to seem original, and while my husband is a full-force Miranda July fan, I can take or leave her work.

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