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Beastly 2011


I was so excited to see this movie after hearing about it. I loved the book and was extremely excited for the movie. That

Whats Your Number 2011


My girlfriend got invited to a screening of this movie and though I tried to wiggle my way out of it, I was trapped into going. Walking into the theater with the worst possible predisposition, I have to admit I left smiling.

The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye 2011


The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye is about Genesis P-Orridge and his wife Lady Jaye. He is one of the founders of the industrial music movement and the lead singer of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, not to mention an accomplished artist.

Hall Pass 2011


Have you ever wondered what happened to the crew of guys from the first “American Pie” movie? After they lost “it” I often wonder what happened after they got married and had kids and moved out to the suburbs. What happened 20 years later when they were no longer the “Big Men on Campus”?

A Princess For Christmas 2011


Those “grinches” voting down this beautiful piece are stupid and incompetent bigots blind to what they saw because of the mirror they really rather looked into. Those cruel saps who put down Roger Moore as looking old seem to think that 84-year-olds like him should all look 50 or some such nonsense, too blind to [...]

Jane Eyre 2011


I saw a sneak preview of Jane Eyre last night at AFI/Silver in Silver Spring MD. This is a beautifully filmed, engrossing, and haunting version of the classic Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre. This film is worth seeing and it will leave you thinking about it long after you have left the theater.

Zookeeper 2011


So maybe you hated Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Maybe you’re sick of Kevin James in The King of Queens. Maybe you saw the trailer and thought, “Night at the Museum rip-off!” right after you thought, “This is a joke, right?” I will admit that I held all of these accusations against Zookeeper when I entered [...]

Friends With Benefits 2011


Don’t waste your time on this one. A weak, predictable plot highly dependent on simulated sex scenes between the two main characters to maintain viewer interest. Of course, if you’re into that kind of thing, you’d probably think this was the movie of the year. If you’re looking for some depth or acting quality, you’ve [...]

Something Borrowed 2011


After reading some negative reviews in some magazine I went to the movie with trepidation. Is it a finely crafted film, with a riveting script? No, but it was a good way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with a friend.

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